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We are the #1 promoting company in the world. The music industry uses our fast services to promote the top celebrities in the game as well as upcoming celebrities. We've jump started a lot of celebrities careers and we are still currently promoting them. Every customer who uses our services always get extra added to their orders. We are the best and the only official promoting company on the market. We are reliable professionals with over 30 years of experience. We listen to our customers and work with them to address their needs through innovative solutions.


You name it and we can promote it YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We promote artists, models, comedians, dance groups, and more. With an experienced staff working around the clock, you can be sure we will get the job done and get it done right.

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Celebrities We Promote

Lil Wayne, Nicki Manaj, Drake, Rick Ross, Meek Mill, BOB, Hustle Gang, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Ciara, Future, The Game, Eminem, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Rich Homie, Pitbull, Kevin Hart, Katt Williams, Chris Rock, Steve Harvey, Twerk Team, and many more.

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Most of our customers are celebrities and some are independent artist's their all successful because they have chosen to invest into their careers. Music is a business just like any other business so let Major Industry Promotion do the work for you like these successful artist have chosen to do. Major Industry Promotions will get your materials heard and seen by millions of people worldwide. Without any fans you are wasting your precious time. I've been in the music business for years the fans is who make you famous no matter how talented you are you need fans. How can you sell out a show or sale one million records if know one ever heard of you or your materials? We know the secret to get you where you want to be so let us do what we do best. If your unsure about your work why attempt to be an artist, model, comedian, dance group, or what ever it is that your trying to be? You have to believe in yourself if your not sure about your talent just purchase our small promotion package for $24 and I guarantee you that once you see how many people are interested in your talent you will start to believe in yourself and you will move up to the higher packages that our famous customers use daily then you will be famous before you know it. I'll share an huge secret with you and know one else in this industry would ever tell you this. The reason for this secret is you might be better then them and their biggest fear is for you to blow. The point is if you sale more records then your interfering with their money. The secret is their using our services to get their materials to millions of people around the world fast and professionally. Do you think celebrities videos blow up on YouTube just by uploading them? Of coarse not because if that was the case then why when unsigned artists upload videos that's ten times better then an celebrity's video still be at 300 views months later and the celebrities videos be over a million views in a month? Come on I shouldn't have to tell you that we're promoting their music and other materials because you should get the point now.


YouTube Views: ($24 - !0,000 Views), ($44 - 20,000 Views), ($64 - 40,000 Views), ($84 - 60,000 Views)

YouTube Likes: ($24 - 1,000 Likes), ($44 - 2,000 Likes), ($62 - 3,000 Likes), ($96 5,000 Likes)

YouTube Subscribers: ($34 - 300 Subscribers), ($60 - 600 Subscribers), ($90 - 1,000 Subscribers)

Facebook Likes: ($24 - 3,000 Likes), ($54 - 8,000 Likes), ($82 - 13,000 Likes), ($128 - 23,000 Likes)

Instagram Followers: ($24 - 1,000 Followers), ($64 - 3,000 Followers), ($118 - 6,000 Followers), ($196 - 11,000 Followers)

Twitter Followers: ($24 - 3,000 Followers), ($44 - 5,000 Followers), ($62 - 8,000 Followers), ($76 - 12,000 Followers), ($112 - 20,000 Followers)

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